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Parquet Dance Floor

We use the traditional Jatoba red-wood, married to an aluminium tray and battens giving a strong yet slightly ‘sprung’ dance floor. The parquet fingers are beautifully finished with hard wearing, UV-cured, polymer-lacquer for a long lasting shine and supreme durability.

Nexsom's Parquet Dance Floor is manufactured from top quality Brazilian Jatoba hardwood parquet. It is highly lacquered for a hardwearing and beautiful finish. No tools or screws are required as Nexsom's flooring fits together using a simple lock system. Trolleys are available for easy transport and storage.                                                                                                                                                                                      

The innovative design of Nexsom’s Parquet Dance Floor uses a ‘brick-work’ laying pattern, supporting every joint and guarantees your floor can not split apart in use. Quick and easy to lay, the system connects with out the need for any tools or hardware, ensuring this floor can be laid or lifted in a matter of minutes.

The panels are 3’ x 3’ and 3’ x 1’6” and only 30mm thick! Our purpose built trolleys hold up to a 15’ x 15’ floor complete with all the edging. The trolley has been designed to wheel easily through a standard sized door.

The trolley measures 112cm long, 66cm wide and 127cm high, approx. 350kg when full.

We also sell PVC covers for the trolleys.

Safe and Robust:

The innovative design ensures tight joints without the need for screws or tools.
Nexsom's Parquet Dance Floorstands one inch high on aluminium battens with every joint supported leaving no weak corners.

  • The heavier the load the tighter the joint
  • Brickwork pattern supports every joint
  • Anit-slip, long life aluminium edging
  • Exterior grade plywood base

Parquet Dance Floor Trolley

Our purpose built trolleys keep the edging safe in the bottom box, the halves stack separately face to face, and the full panels hang face to face to protect the dance surface.
Trolleys hold up to 24 full panels (15ft X 15ft complete floor).
Trolley dimensions (44" x 26" x 50") (112cm X 66cm X 127cm) allow it to be wheeled through a standard single doorway.

The industry standard top of the range parquet dance floor with aluminium battens and tool free locking system. Clips together without tools or screws and CANNOT split apart in use. Panels are 3ft x 3ft, and have a 9mm exterior plywood base with a 6.5mm parquet hardwood top. They are coated with three coats of a very hardwearing lacquer. Now improved, easier to lay.

Full Panel 86.5cm X 86.5cm X 2.8cm 34” X 34” X 1.6” 11kgs 24.25lbs
Half Panel 86.5cm X 43.2cm X 2.8cm 34” X 17” X 1.6” 5.5kgs 12.12lbs
Full Edge 86.5cm X 13cm X 2.8cm 34” X 5.25” X1.6” 1.5kgs 3.31lbs
Half Edge 43.2cm X 13cm X 2.8cm 17” X 5.25” X 1.6” 0.8kgs 1.76lbs
R/L Corners 56.2cm X 13cm X 2.8cm 22.1” X 5.25” X 1.6” 1kg 2.2lbs
Trolley 112cm X 66cm X 127cm 44” X 26” X 50” 26kgs 57.2lbs
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