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Acrylic Dance Floor

The best-selling acrylic faced dance floor from Nexsom Sales empowers any venue with a sleek and professional dance floor solution. Made up of 4’ x 2’ and 2’ x 2’ panels, the floor is only an incredible 28mm thick! Manufactured using very hardwearing solid 6mm cast acrylic, this resists scuffs and scratches and lasts longer than vinyl surfaces, making it ideal for exhibition and display use as well as being a classic dance floor. Our acrylic dance floor is made with an exterior grade plywood base and stands on aluminium battens giving a slightly ‘sprung’ effect to the floor. The 5” wide ramped aluminium edging finishes the floor and provides easy access and egress.

The innovative design facilitate a ‘brick-work’ laying pattern which guarantees your floor is quick and easy to lay with every joint supported and no weak corners. Panels interlock without the need for tools or hardware and can not split apart in use. Acrylic panels come as standard in all black, all white or black and white chequer pattern. Other colors and finishes are available on request.

Our purpose built trolley holds up to a 16’ x 16’ complete floor with all the edging. The trolleys measures 140cm long, 65cm wide and 130cm tall, approx. 400kg when full.

We also sell PVC covers for the trolleys

The everlasting style and beauty of black and white dance floors will captivate and charm your guests on any occasion.
Black and white acrylic dance floor is solid color cast acrylic, any color, all black, all white or even a selection of metallic and mirrored finishes.
The 6 1/2mm thick cast acrylic is virtually maintenance free and lasts longer than vinyl surfaces, making it ideal for exhibition and display use as well as being a classic dance floor.

Cannot separate in use

Black and white acrylic dance floor is made with an exterior plywood base. The floor is mounted on aluminium battens, which give a ‘sprung’ effect and lock the floor panels securely together.
They CANNOT split apart in use. The ramped aluminium edging is wheelchair friendly.

Easy to lay with no tools needed. Our acrylic dance floor’s innovative design using a brickwork laying pattern guarantees your floor is easily laid without the need for any screws or tools. Standing one inch high on aluminium battens ensuring every joint is supported and leaving no weak corners.

The famous black and white dance floor (available in any color) in 4ft x 2ft and 2ft x 2ft panel sizes. Mounted on the same aluminium battens as Joe’s Parquet Dance Floor. The cast acrylic top surface is extremely tough, maintenance free, and simple to clean. New and improved, easier to lay but still compatible with all other Publok products.

Technical Specification

Full Panel 121.6cm X 60.8cm X 2.8cm 48” X 24” X 1.06” 11.00kgs 26.40lbs
Half Panel 60.8cm X 60.8cm X 2.8cm 24” X 24” X 1.06” 5.50kgs 13.20lbs
Full Edge 121.6cm X 12.5cm X 2.8cm 48” X 5” X1.06” 1.30kgs 2.86lbs
Half Edge 60.8cm X 12.5cm X 2.8cm 24” X 5” X 1.06” 0.70kgs 1.54lbs
R/L Corners 37.8cm X 12.5cm X 2.8cm 14.9” X 5” X 1.06” 0.50kgs 1.10lbs
Trolley 127cm X 67cm X 139cm 50” X 26.5” X 55” 37.50kgs 82.69lbs
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