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Boarded Marquee Flooring

The boarded flooring system utilises 8’ x 2’ and 4’ x 2’ boards to quickly cover large areas with ease.

This system is suitable for outdoor and indoor use and can be laid straight onto flat or uneven surfaces such as grass, gravel, sand, concrete or soil. This makes it ideal to be used outside where uneven ground inhibits the use of most flooring systems. Used inside a marquee or venue, this system provides a stable base for additional flooring, carpeting or staging.

The boards come in a choice of Malaysian or Birch exterior grade plywood. This 18mm thick surface is supported by timber battens with an interlocking aluminium clip. The 20mm cavity under the floor allows rain water to run underneath and away from access areas. Our 6” wide, sloped aluminium edging eliminates trip hazards and provides a gentle ramp on to the floor surface.

We can also make 2’ and 1’ boards to make our system suitable for metric sized applications.


18mm Malaysian or superior Birch ply – Ideal for carpeting or as a sub-floor. We cannot guarantee a match of board colours with Malaysian ply. The Birch is consistent in grain and colour.

Sealed/Lacquered finish

18mm Malaysian or superior Birch ply – Finished with a UV-cured lacquer. This is very hard-wearing and seals the top surface against moisture/dirt ingress.

Anti-Slip finish

18mm Malaysian or superior Birch ply. An anti-slip medium is added to the lacquer to make the floor non-slip, even when wet!


Nexsom's Tent Flooring has been manufactured since 1976 and improved over the years. Rainwater will run between the batten voids, keeping carpets and guest's feet dry. Grass will survive better than under most floors, as only the battens touch the ground, allowing air and water beneath the floor, (also making it simple to pack or raise the floor if necessary). Cables can be run under the floors. Six inch wide aluminium ramped edging is available for safe access onto the floor, normally only used at doorways, open sided tents or around dance floors. Trolleys and stillages are available for transport and storage.

Nexsoms Tent floor is available in 8ft x 2ft and 4ft x 2ft panels

No screws or tools just massive savings.

The unique clip system enables fast laying and take up times by unskilled labour. 26,900sq ft was laid on a muddy, uneven field and carpeted by a team of 8 in just 8 hours. The aluminium edging gives a safe and aesthetically pleasing finishing touch to the floor.

Ideal tent and outdoor floor, using 18mm Far Eastern exterior grade plywood, with planed 50mm x 25mm timber battens and extruded aluminium clips which lock into the groove under the adjacent panel. All floors lay in a brickwork pattern using full and half panels to ensure every joint is staggered and supported. Section sizes are 8ft x 2ft and 4ft x 2ft, and cover rough ground very well with minimal packing required.

Full Panel 243.8cm X 61cm X 4.1cm 96” X 24” X 1.6” 18.00kgs 39.7lbs
Half Panel 121.9cm X 61cm X 4.1cm 48” X 24” X 1.6” 9kgs 19.8lbs
Full Edge 243.8cm X 15.2cm X 4.1cm 96” X 6” X 1.6” 3kgs 6.6lbs
Half Edge 121.9cm X 15.2cm X 4.1cm 48” X 6” X 1.6” 1.5kgs 3.3lbs
Quater Edge 61cm X 15.2cm X 4.1cm 24” X 6” X 1.6” 0.8kgs 1.8lbs
R/L Corners 91.4cm X 15.2cm X 4.1cm 36” X 6” X 1.6” 1kg 2.2lbs
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