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The Puck 3NX™

The Puck 3NX™:  Brighter!  Lighter!  Smarter!  And STILL Under $200!


Redesigned from the ground up to be brighter, lighter, stronger and smarter than the original Puck3, the Puck 3NX™  builds on the original’s runaway success and adds more of everything that made The Puck3 so popular!  With about 10% more output thanks to optimized electronics and optics, quieter fans, and extra protection for the fixture’s 9x 3-watt Edison® Edixeon™ Tri-Color LEDs, the Puck 3NX offers even more while STILL keeping the price tag under $200!  Plus, it retains the DMX layout of the original Puck3 as well as its input/output setup for easy interoperability!

And, take full advantage of Blizzard’s wiCICLE® wireless DMX system without the need for external power thanks to the wiCICLE enabled DMX jacks!  An innovative design provides power to the system directly from the fixture’s DMX jack, meaning even fewer cords and less setup time.wiCICLE-Enabled-Banner4

An LED control panel and power daisy chain connectors make it flexible and perfect for uplighting, concerts, truss warming and virtually anywhere you need lots of color for notalotta green!

The Puck3™ NX features 3 and 6-channel control modes which means it works great with any type of controller, including popular 3-channel easy controllers.  Plus, the built-in 4 character/4 button LED control panel allows total control over the fixture, including sound active and standalone modes, display invert and service hour readout.

Once you compare it to other fixtures on the market, you'll realize that now more than ever... there is no comparison!

  •  Superior RGB Color Mixing via 9x Edison® 3-watt tri-color LED's
  •  Variable electronic strobe
  •  Variable electronic dimmer (0 – 100%)
  •  User selectable 3 (Red/Green/Blue dimming) or 6 DMX channels
  •  Built-in chase macros via DMX
  •  Full RGB color mixing plus 7 built-in colors in Standalone, Master/Slave and DMX modes. 
  •  Built-in automated programs via master/slave
  •  Built-in sound activated programs via master/slave
  •  Easy to use LED control panel
  •  Running hours display
  •  Rugged all-metal case with dual mounting yokes
  •  IEC power in and daisy chain connections to connect additional units
  •  Able to directly power the wiCICLE® wireless system via DMX
  •  Power and DMX connections and LED control panel are all in places which means you can truly use The Puck 3NX™ in ANY position, including flat on the floor!
  •  Two-piece mounting yoke allows flexibility in positioning

  •  Beam Angle: 25°, Field Angle: 29°
  •  Lux: 6,500 @ 1m
  •  Light source: 9 x 3W LEDs, 60,000 hrs
  •  Power and current: 120 V, 60 Hz; 35 W, 0.29 A (operating), 0.30 A (inrush)
     230 V, 50 Hz; 35 W, 0.15 A (operating), 0.15 A (inrush)
  •  AC power: Auto-ranging 100 V ~ 240 V 50/60 Hz
  •  Weight: 5.6lbs/ 2.55kg
  •  Size: 8.25 x 8.25 x 3.75 in / 210 x 210 x 95.25 mm

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