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Puck Pro Zoom™

The Puck Pro Zoom™ takes flat LED PAR cans to the next level with fast, precise zoom capabilities, exceptional output and color mixing of 14x 4-in-1 “quad-color” RGBW LEDs, and unmatched control and configuration options.


Designed for a life on the road, the Puck Pro Zoom™ features industry-standard powerCON® compatible input/output connectors, a rugged all-aluminum chassis and mounting brackets, and an intentionally overbuilt carry handle which doubles as a secure fastening point for safety cabling. An intuitive alpha-numeric LED control panel gives the user easy access to the Puck Pro Zoom™’s many configurable options and modes. The Puck Pro Zoom™ is a triple-threat; the perfect coupling of the features LD’s crave, the ease of operation novices need, and pricing that the front office will definitely appreciate.

Ready for your next install, tour or as a versatile addition to your rental inventory, the Puck Pro Zoom™ will do it all.


The power connector fitted to the fixture and fixture cord are designed for compatibility with products manufactured by Neutrik AG, Neutrik USA and their related entities, however they are not manufactured by, affiliated with or endorsed by Neutrik AG, Neutrik USA, or any related entity.  Neutrik® and powerCON® are registered trademarks of Neutrik AG.

  •   25-45 degree zoom PAR fixture
  •   14* 10-watt RGBW 4-in-1 Quad-Color TianXin LEDs, 60,000 Hours
  •   7 user-selectable DMX personalities, including RGBW and HSV color mixing modes
  •   13/8/7/6/5 DMX Channels (user-selectable)
  •   ID Address Mode: Up to 2,574 fixtures on only 1 DMX universe while maintaining individual control over each fixture
  •   User-programmable built in scenes and sequences, 10 sequences, up to 30 steps per sequence
  •   Fixture can upload user-programmed scenes/sequences to other fixtures (no need to program each individually)
  •   Flicker-Free 16-bit dimming with 4 user-selectable dimming modes
  •   User-adjustable color temp: 3200K / 3400K / 4200K / 4900K / 5600K / 5900K / 6500K / 7200K / 8000K / 8500K / 10000K
  •   Global RGB white-balance adjustment
  •   User-programmable single static color display in standalone mode with strobe capabilities (1-20 FPS)
  •   Variable electronic strobe (1-20 FPS)
  •   Over-temperature protection with current temperature display
  •   Low/High Power mode (user-selectable)
  •   Built-in DMX signal regeneration, eliminating the need for separate DMX splitters/amplifiers
  •   Rugged all-aluminum chassis with overbuilt carry handle and aluminum mounting yokes
  •   PowerCON® compatible power In/Out connectors
  •   User-enabled menu protection key

  •   Current: 1.1A (.1A inrush)
  •   Voltage: 90-240VAC
  •   Power Factor: 0.65
  •   Watts: 85w

  •   Length: 11.5 inches (290.95 mm)
  •   Width: 11.25 inches (284.63 mm)
  •   Height: 4.25 inches (107.53 mm)

1m Narrow (25°) 1m Wide (45°) 2m Narrow (25°) 2m Wide (45°)
ALL 8,600 Lux 3,700 Lux 2,900 Lux 1,040 Lux
Red 2,130 Lux 900 Lux 720 Lux 265 Lux
Green 2,120 Lux 910 Lux 720 Lux 235 Lux
Blue 2,200 Lux 1,090 Lux 900 Lux 317 Lux
White 2,200Lux 1,010 Lux 790 Lux 282 Lux
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