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Komply™ LED

Indoor / Outdoor Waterproof Ribbon Flex & Accessories

Komply™ LED ribbon is a wonderful architectural LED lighting solution for numerous indoor or outdoor applications. We have it readily available in RGB and also single color cool white, warm white and ultraviolet.

With Komply™ LED ribbon, you'll need to give it power, and our Komply™ POW150 is the perfect match. The Komply™ POW150 will power up to 4 full rolls LED ribbon, or 3 full rolls with longer cabling runs of more than a few feet.

The RGB5050 color changing LED strip requires either the Komply™ DMX controller, which will give you a wide array of creative lighting options for any situation, the Komply™ Remote, which gives you wireless remote ability with 11 built-in programs, or the Komply™ Knob 3, which simply puts precise RGB color mixing at your fingertips. No controller is necessary for single color ribbon, just install it with the supplied mounting clips and give it some power!

Komply™ ribbon flex is cuttable between every 3 LEDs, which means no matter what length your application calls for, you're sure to get a perfect fit. If the total length of your project has nearly maxed the 150w of the Komply™ POW150, the Komply™ Amp will give you the boost you need. It's capable of increasing the PWM (pulse width modulation) more than double.

Other single colors are available for special order only including: red, green, blue, and amber.

Readily available Komply™ ribbon models:

  • 5050-RGB-HP: R/G/B 12v LED Ribbon, IP65, 5-Meter Roll, 60 LEDs per meter
  • RGB5050: R/G/B 12v LED Ribbon, IP65, 5-Meter Roll, 30 LEDs per meter
  • CW5050: Cool White 12v LED Ribbon, IP65, 5-Meter Roll, 30 LEDs per meter
  • WW5050: Warm White 12v LED Ribbon, IP65, 5-Meter Roll, 30 LEDs per meter
  • UV5050: Ultraviolet 12v LED Ribbon, IP65, 5-Meter Roll, 30 LEDs per meter

And of course, all Komply™ products are backed by our 2-year warranty!

   •   Available in RGB, and single color cool white, warm white, or UV
   •   150 SMD LEDs per 5m roll, or 300 SMD LEDs per 5m roll (KOMPLY™ 5050-RGB-HP)
   •   Single color red, green, blue, and amber available through special order
   •   IP65, outdoor rated
   •   Easy to install
   •   Can be trimmed to custom lengths
   •   Each roll includes its own mounting clips
   •   Rugged and well-built (It hits the gym regularly)
   •   Low heat emission

   •   LED Type: SMD 5050
   •   Luminous Flux: 16Lm per LED (150 SMD rolls)
   •   Reel Length: 5m (16.4ft)
   •   Usage: Indoor/Outdoor
   •   Cuttable Section Length: every 3 LEDs/10cm (150 SMD rolls)
   •   LED chip manufacturer: Taiwan Epistar
   •   PCB Thickness:0.2CM
   •   Power Consumption: 7.2w per meter (150 SMD rolls)
   •   Beam angle: 120°
   •   Working Voltage: 12V
   •   Working Temperature:-4°F (-20°C)~ 122°F (50°C)
   •   Lifespan: 50,000+ hours

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