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Colour Commander LED Acrylic Dance Floor

Colour Commander LED Acrylic Dance Floor

The world’s only WIRELESS, RGB pixel, portable dance floor system. This fully addressable LED matrix is controlled from your Wi-Fi enabled device, through a dedicated network broadcast by the Command Centre. The intuitive built-in software allows the user to display patterns, images, videos and animated text like nothing you’ve ever experienced before!

Illuminate the ‘special couple’ or VIP with the live, interactive follow-spot. Synchronise the floor to music with built-in sound-light.

Our latest dance floor is taking the world by storm and marks a huge leap forward for the portable dance floor market. Based on our tried-and-tested interlocking, tool-free dance floor panels, now with a new thermo-formed-plastic and aluminium tray system. The acrylic panels house a matrix of super-bright, RGB LED’s which wirelessly connect to your portable device via the Command Centre.

Once connected the operator can select built-in patterns, animations and images to display via the intuitive software interface. You don’t need an internet connection to operate the floor as it generates its own local network.

The Colour Commander system is compatible with generic Publok, Nexsom's Acrylic Dance Floor and Twinkling LED Dance Floor. It uses the same low voltage circuitry ensuring the safety of users and withstands spilt drinks.

This fully addressable system allows you to control each individual L.E.D. as a pixel. It can display pictures, animations and on large floors even video, as well as company logo's and personal messages. 

  •         Using a Wi-Fi enabled device (phone/tablet/laptop/etc) log-in to yourCommand Centre on the locally created network.
  •         Configure the floor through the software to suit the shape/size you have laid.
  •         Instantly display amazing patterns, graphics, animations and video!
  •         Animate text to whizz across the floor – customise like never before!
  •         With built-in sound to light, the floor will pulse, bounce and twinkle in time!
  •         Wow your guests with the most amazing light-show they have ever seen!

Our purpose built trolley holds up to a 16’ x 16’ complete floor with all the edging and power supply. The trolleys measures 140cm long, 65cm wide and 150cm tall, approx. 450kg when full.

We also sell PVC covers for the trolleys and ramps to aid access in to vehicles and trailers.

Available NOW

After a lengthy development process Colour Commander is available to purchase now. 
It is a portable, sectional, wireless dance floor system that can be quickly and easily installed and operated. It comes complete with no additional software required to create any graphic or animation you can imagine. 

  • Interlocking wireless dance floor panels
  • 128 L.E.D.s per 4ft x 2ft panel
    (4x more than the closest competitor)
  • Completely Wireless WiFi Connectivity
  • Safe, low voltage
  • Compatible with our standard and Twinkling LED floor
  • Control via your smartphone, Iphone / Ipad, tablet or laptop wirelessly
  • Free software with every floor purchase to create your own programmes
  • Cloud based software updates free for 1 year
  • Display Corporate logos quickly and simply
  • Installs very quickly with no wires
    (16 x 16 would lay in aprox 20 mins)
  • No tools or screws, CANNOT split apart in use
  • 28mm high with a sloped aluminium edge, no trip or H&S hazard
  • UK manufactured with 24/7 telephone support.
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